born in 1994 in Dublin, Ireland

lives and works in Newcastle, UK

Research into the science of perception and optical illusions has prompted questions for me into the interpretation of depth. I’m interested in the way a 2D image is projected onto the retina and is built up into a 3D representation of the world by the brain. On the lowest levels of processing visual elements like colour, scale, orientation and contrast edges are split up. For example there are groups of cells in the occipital cortex that only handle colour and groups that only handle motion. Once all these separate features are processed, they are put back together and understood at higher levels of processing. I encourage audience involvement by manipulating this modular way the eyes and brain process vision. Understanding the way people perceive visual scenes better informs the creation of my work. I’m particularly drawn to the tension between 2D pattern and 3D sculpture and my work often contains hi-contrast line and colourful pattern. I have been doing a lot of this research throughout my masters and it has had a large impact on my work. It’s something I’m going to continue with.

I’m also interested in minimalism and minimalist theory, which marked a shift in art from object to experience. One of my big research questions is: considering the modular way the brain processes visual scenes, can minimalism promote a more direct visual experience? Another question for me is can abstract art be good for your brain? Exposure to unfamiliar visual stimuli creates new associations which are formed as neural pathways. More hypotheses about the visual scene are generated, which leads to an increased neural involvement. This is likely to be beneficial for cognitive growth. 

The way 1960s Op Art painting created perceptual visual disturbances through the creation of artificial depth in 2D pattern interests me. I’m trying to look at this potential in a different way. My current line of enquiry in my sculptural practice is the disruption of pattern using different methods and media. The spatial distortion of striped lines is central to my practice. These works change when you walk around them, the work has movement through audience interaction. My hope for these sculptures is that they directly engage the optical nervous system of the viewer and cause them to question their perception of depth and line.


co-founder/curator at

curatorial fellow at Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens for Sunderland Culture

member of The Collective Studio 2019-2020 at NewBridge Projects

volunteer researcher for the Art UK National Sculpture Project for Tyne and Wear 




August 23rd – September 7th 2019 – MFA Degree Show, Hatton Gallery, Newcastle University

September 5th – 10th – Manner of Flyer, System Gallery, Newcastle

January 2020 – Exhibition at 36 Lime Street with Evelyn Cromwell 



June 24th – July 6th – NCL/LDN, exhibition with staff and students from St. Martins, Long Gallery & XL Gallery, Newcastle 

July 4th – 11th 2019 – Spaghetti Factory guest curators for FOURPACK exhibition at System Gallery, Newcastle 

May 18th 2019 – Spaghetti Factory takeover and pasta workshop at GOLDTAPPED in NewBridge Projects as part of The Late Shows 2019

April 17th 2019 – Pasta making workshop at BALTIC 39 as part of Ways of Learning

​March 25th – 31st 2019 – Fine Art MFA Exhibition, Long Gallery, Newcastle University 

February 20th – 2019 MFA Interim Show, Assembly Rooms, Newcastle

February 2019 – UK Young Artists City Takeover, Surface Gallery, Nottingham

August 2018 – MFA Degree Show, Newcastle University

May 2018 – North East Young Sculptors of The Year, Cheeseburn Sculpture Park

March 2018 – W/O at Vane, Newcastle 

February 2018 – DEEP, The Mining Institute, Newcastle

November 2017 – Nasty Women North East, Thought Foundation, Birtley

October 2017 – FRESH, The British Ceramics Biennale, Stoke

July 2017 – New Designers, The Business Design Centre, London

June 2017 – Glass & Ceramics Degree Show, The National Glass Centre, Sunderland

June 2016 – Immersion, The Grove House, Claremont, California, USA




2019 – Eaton Fund for Artists


2019 – Iland Research & Travel Scholarship 


2019 – Bartlett Research & Travel Scholarship

2017 – Mike Davies Innovation Scholarship

2017 – Forshaw Bursary

2017 – Shortlisted for North East Young Sculptor of The Year


2017 – 2019

Fine Art MA at Newcastle University

2014 – 2017

Glass and Ceramics BA at University of Sunderland in The National Glass Centre

Spring 2016

Semester at Pitzer College in California 


2013 – 2014

Portfolio Preparation at Coláiste Dhúlaigh, Dublin




March 4th 2019  – Explore Group, Ampersand Inventions, Newcastle

February 17th 2019 – BA Fine Art, Newcastle College

November 29th 2017 – BA Fine Art, Newcastle College 




March 2018 – Ochre Press Arts Journal, Issue 2, Sculpt 




August 2017 – studio residency at AlmadiART Silicate Centre, Budapest, Hungary

Industry Experience


Studio Placement with Patricia Mato-Mora at The Joan Miro Foundation – February 2017

Arts Facilitator at The Electric Picnic – September 2015

British Ceramics Biennale Invigilator – October 2015

Ceramics Instructor at Hardwick Festival – August 2015

Intern at North Tyneside Art Studio – summer 2015

Gallery Sales Assistant at The Kevin Sharkey Gallery & Studios – March – June 2014

Ceramics, Glass and Fabric Arts Teacher at Camp Medolark – summer 2013 and 2014

Ceramics Instructor at Artworks Cafe – July 2011 – September 2012